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I’m so glad the internet is free… sort of. There’s a wealth of information available 24/7 – here are a few of the links I absolutely love:

Christy Jordan is the ultimate Southern Bell. I adore her website. She offers great tutorials for all her recipes and includes step-by-step instructions with pictures! And her food is really, seriously good stuff!

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Lisa is a girl after my own heart! She offers wonderful tips and recipes for meals under 200 calories. She gives you all the dirt on your favorite naughty foods and then offers low-cal tasty remakes of the same dishes.

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Interested in a free online weight loss program that is totally awesome? Check out The Spark! I’ve personally lost 20 pounds following their online advice and diet/exercise program. It’s totally free and really helpful.

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This is my favorite website for local news stories. And they’ve graciously offered to feature me as a columnist… so that makes them tops in my book as well.

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When I started this blog, I had three children and a few pounds to lose.

Then I had THREE MORE CHILDREN. And I still have a few pounds to lose. It’s funny how life throws curve-balls at our curves.

I’d love for you to visit us at to see how we’re managing our six children and our goals for a healthier lifestyle.



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