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I’m broke.

The Broke Chick

I’d also like to lose weight. Have you ever noticed while you’re cruising around on the internet, looking for diet tips and low-cal, healthy recipes the costs of the ingredients sky-rockets way out of a normal person’s price range? You’re not alone. I’m a stay-at-home mom of three great kiddos. Our family is surviving on a single income. I tell you, I do not have extra cash to spend on fancy-schmancy ingredients and spinach juice and all that jazz.

In our house, we plan our grocery shopping based on a two-week menu that we personally plan to fit within our grocery budget. There’s not a lot of breathing room. I need simple, low-cal, healthy meals that I can prepare that can be tailored to keep me thin, and provide plenty of nutrtion for my family… all on a shoe-string budget.

Currently as I begin this food blog I’m weighing in at 170 pounds. My goal weight is a healthy 140 pounds for my 5’7 frame.

Please! Join me as I share the struggles and triumphs of losing weight and eating great with as little money invested as possible.


When I started this blog in 2010, I had three children and a few pounds to lose.

Then I had THREE MORE CHILDREN. And I still have a few pounds to lose. It’s funny how life throws curve-balls at our curves.

I’d love for you to visit us at to see how we’re managing our six children and our goals for a healthier lifestyle.



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