Fight that snack attack!

It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Lunch was ages ago. Dinner is light years away. Your body is weak and your stomach sounds like a rumbling volcano. But you’re counting calories! You’re trying not to spend all your money on snack foods! What can you do?

The best option for snacking while on a diet is fresh fruit or vegetables. A tall glass of water also helps to curb rumbling tummies. But every once in a while you just want something salty, crunchy and well, just plain “snacky.”

Reach for some Goldfish crackers, my friend.

Pepperidge Farm introduced the dieter’s best weapon against snack attacks in the 1960’s. A serving of Goldfish crackers ranges from 130 to 150 calories for around 60 crackers, depending on the particular flavor chosen. The varieties are abundant, such as Original (a light, buttery cracker with a savory taste), Cheddar, Pretzel, Parmesan, Pizza and more. Recently Pepperidge Farm introduced Garden Cheddar. These crackers have the added benefit of a third of a serving of vegetables included.

To save money, consider purchasing the large carton of Goldfish. When you’re packing your lunch, measure out a portion of Goldfish crackers and keep them fresh in a resealable sandwich baggie.  The large carton has a top that opens much like a carton of milk, making it easy to pour.

The large “carton” of Goldfish is easy to pour, and the best buy

A serving size is generally 60 Goldfish. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time to count out 60 little crackers. A good estimated portion size is about half a cup.

Because they’re baked, Goldfish crackers are a great substitute for potato or corn chips. Consider using them in place of croutons on your salads. You can also jazz up a cup of your favorite low-calorie, broth-based soup.

Don’t let snack attacks destroy your diet! Take some time in the morning to “arm” yourself with healthy choices and cut your calories without starving.


When I started this blog in 2010, I had three children and a few pounds to lose.

Then I had THREE MORE CHILDREN. And I still have a few pounds to lose. It’s funny how life throws curve-balls at our curves.

I’d love for you to visit us at to see how we’re managing our six children and our goals for a healthier lifestyle.



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  1. gpicone replied:

    love those goldfish mmmmm…

  2. Sidney Cox replied:

    Thanks a lot!!!! I am on a low calorie diet over the summer to knock down a few pounds… Now I know of a great snack!!!:)

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